I am a photographer based out of Seminole Heights, Tampa, Florida.  I am available for portraits, weddings, events, commerical, and editorial assingments.

M. and Uga

My photo albums are my most cherished possessions.  Photographs freeze moments in time, allowing us to enjoy them over and over again.  We take pictures of the most precious times in our lives–marriage, pregnancy, the birth of a child, a growing family.  Through our photographs, we create a visual record of our lives, a series of snapshots that tell us where we have been and who was along for the ride.  I am honored to help you create the visual story of your life and hope to make pictures that will become some of your most cherished possessions.

I studied photojournalism at the University of Georgia and worked as a photojournalist for several daily publications.  After finishing my undergraduate degree I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in comparative religious studies and taught for five years at a local private school, and I recently joined a law firm as a special projects writer.  I have photographed weddings, babies, families, pets, food, and football.  I love natural light, candid moments, and the thrill I get from always seeking that perfect picture.

Yours Truly,